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The rfp consultant is also responsible for the follow-up work that is required after the proposal is accepted by the client. The consultant will need to follow up with the client on any progress that is made on the project to make sure that it is being executed as outlined in the contract. If there are changes to the project, the consultant will need to provide a written contract for the client to review before the work is started.

The consultant is also responsible for making sure that all aspects of the client’s business are being handled. He or she will review the client’s billing and account records and keep a detailed account of the client’s accounts to ensure that everything is accurate.

After the client’s project is complete, the consultant will need to send the client an invoice for his or her services. The contract will cover the cost of the consultant’s services.

The contract is a contract, and a contract does not have to be a legal document. A contract that outlines the entire process of the project is acceptable, although it is not always required.

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