Exciting Things To Do In Shepparton


One of the numerous extraordinary things about Shepparton’s cityscape is the presence of this open waterway directly on the east bank of the Goulburn River. 

At first, Victoria Park Lake was a blend of swampland and grazing, until the start of the twentieth century when it turned into a public park named for Queen Victoria. 

Along these lines, I trust that before you chill at a L’Barza apartment, you have investigated the accompanying zones in Shepparton: 

Shepparton Heritage Center 

Situated in the historic precinct of old Shepparton, the Center includes a heritage cottage, a four gallery museum, and a riverboat wharf created in 1880. The center additionally denotes the start of a walking track along the Goulburn River. 

Spend Time Outdoors At Goulburn River 

Goulburn River is one of the primary natural milestones of Shepparton and is just an unmissable destination for all nature darlings! It’s an enduring river and furthermore the longest one with the most noteworthy discharge and yearly flow in Victoria. The raw natural excellence of the Goulburn River and its encompassing territories should tempt anybody to invest some quality time there. Also, there’s plenty to do with picnicking, swimming, and fishing as a portion of the more mainstream activities. 

Goulburn River

Shepparton Art Gallery 

The art gallery was set up in 1936 and has a solid ceramics display going from the colonial time to the present. A biennial ceramics award pulls in worldwide entries that are in plain view from late January to the end of March. There are additionally some Australian modernist paintings and a couple of things from the Heidelberg school. It is situated in the Eastbank Center at 70 Welsford St (close to the Nixon St roundabout) and is open seven days from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and public holidays from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. 

Kaiela Arts 

This art gallery on High Street is the spot to connect with the Aboriginal art of Kaiela Dungala (Goulburn – Murray). A not-for-profit, Kaiela Arts offers a stage for exceptionally skilled Aboriginal artists to recount their stories and discover a group of people. 

Around 80 artists have shown their work here, covering each medium from paintings to ceramics and screen-printed clothing and accessories. 

This work is in the straight style customary to the locale. 

You can visit, read the gallery, have a talk, and check whether anything grabs your attention, realizing you’ll be supporting the area’s Aboriginal community. 

Shepparton Regional Park

River Red Gum woodlands and forests along the Goulburn River are ideal for camping, fishing, and paddling. Swimming is famous close to the towns where the river is more accessible. The beautiful park which sits among Shepparton and Mooroopna on the Midland Highway is additionally home to a 4.3km circle walk. The Flats, an Aboriginal historic walk starts and finishes at the Kids Town carpark. 

Witness Stunning Architecture at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church 

Shepparton’s dominating religion is Christianity, which implies that it has a lot of eye-catching temples and church buildings. The city’s likewise home to a huge Catholic religious community and St. Brendan’s Catholic Church is a demonstration of its vibrancy. The rich white steeples appear differently from the brown brick walls that decorate this perfect looking church. Fly in during a Sunday in case you’re so inclined or pass by and take a snapshot of this marvelously created church. 

Accordingly, guests are spoiled for decisions with such a great amount of assortment in one helpful area.

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