Rabbit Run Training Tips

rabbit run

Rabbit runs are a great place to let your bunny run and explore the outdoors, and they make an easy and quick way to train your rabbit. To start, make sure you have enough room on all sides of the rabbit run to allow your rabbit to turn around and explore. Next, place a small bowl or other food in one corner of your rabbit’s run, and begin placing items in that bowl, such as pieces of newspaper, shredded paper, small sticks, or rocks.

Rabbit Run Training Tips

As your rabbit grows older, this can be made harder by having more than one rabbit run in one area. When starting with a single rabbit, it is recommended that you feed the first rabbit in the rabbit run just like the others, then move on to feeding the rest of the rabbits in the area. Each time your rabbit tries to eat something, he must find it in the bowl. If he doesn’t, he can stop eating, and it will stop immediately. Repeat this process until your rabbit stops eating.

There are several options for running the rabbits when training them. The most common method is to use a wooden crate or a plastic box, but you don’t really have to use anything. In fact, if you do use something, the rabbit may just prefer to play inside. Remember, they will only eat one type of food, so whatever you use must be the same in size.

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