Things To Know First Before Converting Your Garage Into Living Space

You love your home, but space-wise, you’re bursting at the seams. Building an extension seems daunting, but moving out of your fabulous neighbourhood is off the table. Hmm.  you do have that two-car garage; perhaps you should convert it into a kids’ playroom, an office or gym for you, or even an in-law suite.

Don’t despair—we’re here to help you determine when converting your garage makes sense, and when it’s a definite no-go.

How Will You Use Your Garage Conversion?

When converting a garage into a room, considering how you will use the space will depend not only on your needs but also on how it relates to the rest of the house. So, if your garage is joined to your living room, a home office or playroom is sensible, and a utility less so. 

Future-proofing the room is a must, too. You may be happy to kit it out as a TV den or playroom now, but could it be a useful spare room for elderly relatives later

Benefits Of Converting A Garage To Living Space

A garage conversion isn’t your only option for scoring extra square footage inside your home. You could also opt for an addition, which may give you more extra room than your garage allows for. But when you put on an addition, you lose out on yard space, which could be problematic if you have a small yard and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Another benefit of converting your garage is that you’ll be dealing with an existing structure. A home addition, by contrast, involves installing new floors, walls, and everything in between, and as such, it can be a much costlier, more complicated endeavour. 

Converting A Garage Is Often More Affordable Than Adding On

If you add on to your house, you’re going to incur some major costs. Think of all the cash you’ll pour into a new foundation, or what you’ll pay to retrofit a second story on top of your home. 

Typically, it’s more cost-effective to convert a garage or storage space. Planning for converting a garage? Visit this site if you’re looking for premium garage storage solutions in Sydney.

Garage Conversion Ideas To Improve Your Home

Garage Renovated For Family Play

Kids are always full of energy. Why not teach them how to channel it on something good for their health, like sport? Who knows, maybe in time they will develop a passion for sports!

kids playroom

Besides that, such a place will stimulate their imagination and help them to improve their skills. Climbing monkey bars, swings, ropes, gym mats, sounds like a perfect playground, don’t you think?

Turn Your Garage Into A Man Cave

Billiard room

Have you ever wanted to play pool or darts or anything else, but you weren’t in the mood to get out of the house? How about designing your own space for such activities… in the garage? 

A pool table, darts, a foosball table, rummy, board games, video games, all of these could easily find their place in your garage. If you have enough space, you can add a bar and some tables.



Most garages are already designed with open floor plans, which is the perfect setting for a gym. Plus, garages are somewhat separated from the rest of the house, so you can work out in peace without worrying about whether or not you are disturbing your family.

Home Office

Home office

Now is your chance to finally create a quiet workspace for yourself in your home. If you choose this option, you may need to add insulation to the walls to create an ideal working environment in this converted space. The rest of the design is up to you, so choose whatever feels right for your new home office.

Home Theater

Home theater

Families that spend a lot of time watching movies together may want to convert their garage into a home theatre. To perfect the movie theatre experience—and “wow” your guests—build high-quality speakers directly into the walls. Everyone in your family will benefit from this garage conversion!

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