Factors To Consider When Choosing Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is typically a major part of any reception. Take a couple of things into consideration to help with selecting a wedding cake.

Pick The Right Baker

If you’ve been to a wedding event where you enjoyed the cake, ask the couple who they used. Word of mouth can be a good starting point. Different bakers focus on various designs of cakes. Look for bakers that create the style of cake you’re looking for and meet with them.

If they can do what you want in terms of decoration, taste, and general design, ask. Take along images or make a Pinterest board. This provides the baker with an idea of what you’re searching for and makes choosing a wedding event cake easier. Most Unique and Famous Wedding Cake Shops in Melbourne? We’ve got you! Look What I found.

Comprehend The Timing Of Creating A Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake and having it made frequently takes three to 6 months. Do not leave it to the last minute and expect the baker to accommodate you. This is specifically real if you want a super elegant cake you saw in a publication or on Pinterest. Select a wedding cake once you have a venue, a style or colour design, and your dress selected.

Plan Ahead

While the choice of your wedding cake is necessary, preparing ahead is a requirement. It is advisable to make time out to plan for your cakes as you would for your wedding event gown. It is best to look for professional referrals or hire the services of a qualified baker due to the fact that of the importance of the celebration.

Planning ahead will lower the concerns connected with planning your wedding fast. With using a catalogue, you can evaluate large amounts of designs and designs and select the one that finest suits your requirements and budget plan


While wedding event cakes can look elegant and yummy, they could be very costly. It is wise not to sacrifice quality for low-cost expense however it is of great essence to pick a wedding event cake that fits your spending plan.

Each embellishment on every wedding cake has its own price. All you need to do is to inform your baker about the decoration and features to be added to your wedding event cake.


The flavour of your wedding event cake is just as essential as its style, so guarantee this isn’t disregarded. Chocolate cake can prove alluring too! If you are having a summer season wedding or a dessert course as well as your cake, a lighter choice such as lemon sponge is a rejuvenating option.

Feeding Your Visitors

An important element to your cake is how many wedding event visitors it needs to feed. If your budget is tight and your cake style falls short on the parts needed, you can ask your provider to supply cake cutting bars. These are rectangle-shaped cakes that are iced in plain white to lower costs however still permit your visitors to sample the exact same flavours as your wedding cake.

Portion & Storage

Who will cut and serve your cake? How do you want it plated? Will it is served on a dessert table, or will it come out right after supper? How many servings should it supply? Does it need to be saved in the refrigerator? I have leftovers, what now? The baker is no longer responsible for the cake after it has been established, so caterers or an appointed party will be accountable for cutting and serving the cake.


Buttercream, ganache or fondant? Timeless, modern, or rustic? Sugar or fresh flowers (I have an entire post on that here). When going over the style of your cake, there are so numerous things to consider. If your baker focuses on cake design, consider allowing them some artistic liberties! You will often get more value if they have a great concept of what you desire and the consent to let their freak flag fly.

Do Your Research!– Ask Concerns.

Yes, examine the evaluations, however, don’t disregard the underdogs! Smaller sized boutique cake stores are often a more specific niche and can supply more of what you’re looking for than the huge cake mills, and pssst … they typically care more! They are truly thinking about making your wedding day even much better. That being stated, if they are actually little, make sure you ask if they have a company license and operate out of a commercially certified cooking area.

Know what is necessary for you when searching for a bakeshop. When is your cake baked? Do they use local products when they can? Are they organic? Gluten-Free? Vegan? Do they use synthetic flavourings and processed additives? Usually, if they’re doing it right, they’ll tell you. You also have every right to ask what items they utilize for flavouring, etc. If it matters to you, ask!

* Pro-tip: if the tasting is NOT free, it means they value their time and work appropriately, so book with them over the locations with free tastings.

Know The Difference Between The Ingredients

Various components offer various feel and look. Make sure to communicate with your bakers and cake shops the style of your wedding and the kind of cakes you want.

You won’t want to wind up with a rustic, wildflower-covered cake for an elegant black-white wedding event dinner affair. Your cake should work with your theme!

Fondant gives a particularly smooth and ‘best’ finish to your cakes while buttercream produces a ‘velvety’ looking, natural appearance.

If you aren’t clear of the distinction, you can always ask the bakers to reveal your examples.

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